A long, luxurious lawn that looks and feels naturally soft.

– Pile Height: 40mm
– UV Stabilisation: > 10 years in Europe
– Fibre Shape: Straight & Curled
– Product Weight per Sqm: 2785 gms
– Colour (s): 3 x Tones of green/1 x Beige
– Ideal for a high quality, lush lawn.
– Suitable for front/back gardens, balconies & roof terraces.


Product Specification

- Pile Height: 40mm
- UV Stabilisation: > 10 years in Europe
- Fibre Shape: Straight & Curled
- Fibre Weight/dtex: PE Monofilament 7400 dtex
- Yarn Weight: 1,610 gram/sqm
- Colour (s): 3 x Green/1 x Beige
- No of stitches/10cm2: 14


- Primary Backing: 100% Woven Polyprop
- Secondary Backing: ‘UltraBak’ SBR Latex
- Total Product weight/sqm: 2785 gram/sqm

Yarn A - Straight Pile

- Yarn Polymer: Pro-Tech Yarn Technology

Yarn B - Thatch Pile

- Yarn Polymer: Elite Grade Polyethylene

General Detail

- Total Thickness: 40mm
- Roll Length: Minimum 25m
- Roll Width: Minimum 4m
- Country of manufacture: UK

Quality & Tests

- FIFA Requirements: None
- Turf Bind: >3kg Newton
- Water permeability: 60 litre/min/sqm
- Colour Fastness: According to CEN standards

Installation & Maintenance

- Infill: Yes
- Tape: Yes 30cm wide
- Sand: Kiln Dried
- Rubber: N/A
- Glue: Envirostik® artificial grass glue
- Installation:  Please use experienced installers to install this product.
- Maintenance: Artificial grass is a low maintenance product compared to natural turf. Excess debris and pet excrement needs to be removed.


Base work per Sqm £47.00 plus VAT


Per Sqm £74.00 plus VAT

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Since March 2022 we have had to raise our prices slightly due to the national increases in diesel and materials. All prices are correct from March 14th 2022. All site visits undertaken after this date will be quoted using the above prices.



Grass per Sqm £27.00 plus VAT