Case study: Rejuvenation of a 4-bay cricket net at Parkside School, Stoke D’Arbon

The cricket nets at Parkside School were unfortunately badly installed. Artificial Grass Cambridge had been servicing them annually for a number of years, intensively cleaning them however the surrounding surface was installed using poor quality materials leading them to deteriorate making dangerous holes. So, the decision was made for us to rejuvenate them

The Process:

  • All the current surfaces were removed, including the bays around the outside, the short batting and bowling ends and the run up at the opposite end of the enclosure. The old cage was removed.
  • A 42.4 od. heavy duty cage was installed using concrete post mix.
  • 30 tonnes of grano (6mm to dust) chippings were added to the surface and compacted and screeded to form a hard quality base for the new wickets.
  • Playrite® SD12 Shock pad was installed onto all four full length wickets
  • New Playrite® Velour was installed around the outside of the wickets
  • The original Playrite® Velour on run up surface was pressure washed and re-installed as this was in good condition and offered a cost-effective option.
  • Playrite® PPJ Cricket wicket surface was then laid over the SD12 Shockpad, stretched and nailed into place.
  • The wickets were then marked with full size and junior markings and left ready for play.
  • A new main and dividing nets from Huck Nets were installed to the cage.

The Result:

The Cricket Master was very happy with the results, especially with the new full-length wickets installed. The balls now had an even bounce and a good natural response.

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