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Why use artificial grass in your garden

Why use artificial grass in your garden?

If you’re just about to renovate your garden and are thinking that your patchy, dry grass needs a bit of TLC, or if you’re mid-transformation and are looking for the perfect lawn, our bright, bold and durable artificial grass products could be just what is needed.

Easy to lay and effortless to maintain, artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in households up and down the country. As Jenny Peterson from Houzz says: “Synthetic turf is moving beyond football fields and golf courses to become more common in home landscapes” . However, if you’re still not sure whether this innovative material is for you, here are a few reasons why artificial grass will make the ideal addition to your outside space.

Keep your lawn looking good no matter what kids or pets throw at it

If you’re a parent or pet owner, you’ll know that children and animals don’t mix well with pristine lawns. The wear and tear that they cause can easily make your grass yellow and patchy, while dogs in particular can do a lot of damage by urinating on the grass and digging it up in the search for buried bones.

If you replace your tired, dull grass with vibrant green artificial grass, your lawn will become pet proof. It stops your four-legged friends transferring mud from your garden to your carpets and floors and your lawn will stay looking lush and radiant for longer.

It doesn’t matter how much sun your garden gets, your grass will always look good!

As artificial grass doesn’t need sunshine to make it look green and fresh, it’s the perfect choice for homes that don’t sit in sunlight throughout the day. Whether your garden gets ten minutes or ten hours of sunshine, your lawn will continue to look good all year round and for years to come.

This is especially useful if you have garden furniture or play equipment on your lawn. As these items block the sunlight from getting to the grass, a real lawn would soon develop yellow patches, become muddy and eventually die. Artificial grass however doesn’t fade under tables and chairs, so when you come to move your outside furniture your lawn will look as bright and as green as ever.

Artificial grass is low maintenance

If you’re the sort of person who likes to use their garden to host summer soirees and other social events, but who doesn’t really like maintaining it, tough and durable artificial grass is definitely the right choice for you. Enjoy watching the family have fun in the fresh air without the aftermath of a patchy, worn lawn!

Simply lay your lawn, make sure it’s secure and follow a few easy steps and start enjoying it in no time at all. There’s no need to mow it, water it or feed it, you can simply enjoy your outside space and then go inside and forget about the gardening. Artificial grass will help you to transform the outside of your property and is a savvy investment for busy homeowners and house proud parents.

Artificial grass can also help the 10 million Brits who suffer from symptoms of hay fever each year. Around 95% of sufferers are allergic to grass pollen so an artificial alternative can help alleviate allergies and let you enjoy being outside in the fresh air without suffering from the symptoms of hayfever.

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