How AlgoClear Pro can help you keep algae at bay

As well as being unsightly and unattractive, algae and mould growth on outdoor surfaces can be dangerous. As @The_RHS says, “slippery paths and steps covered in algae-like growths, liverworts, lichens and moss are hazardous.” Left untreated, areas affected by algae can also lead to your artificial surfaces becoming permanently discoloured.

Removing algae from paths, playing surfaces and ornamental areas quickly and effectively will help to ensure your garden or outdoor space is safe to use and stylish to look at. One of the best ways to keep surfaces clear, and to remove algae, moss and mould that’s already built up, is to use a specially formulated product like AlgoClear Pro. Highly effective, the product will help to keep your garden, tennis court or artificial surface looking great throughout the year.

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AlgoClear Pro

AlgoClear Pro is a concentrated chemical treatment that’s been specially formulated to remove moss, mould and algae from artificial tennis courts and other hard surfaces. The product has been tested to ensure it doesn’t discolour or damage the artificial grass or hard surface in any way, so you can clean your affected areas with confidence. As the product comes in a concentrated form, it’s easy to transport and there’s a lot less packaging to deal with. Made from quaternary ammonium, AlgoClear Pro can transform your outside space. It will leave artificial grass and hard surfaces that were once overgrown with moss or discoloured by algae, looking like new.

paving slabs before and after treatment

Key features

AlgoClear Pro is suitable for use on all external surfaces. From tennis courts to driveways and garden paths to roofs, the product can be applied in a wide variety of settings. As well as synthetic sports surfaces, AlgoClear can be used on stone, timber, glass, tarmac and block paving, helping you to keep your entire outdoor space looking great.

Although AlgoClear Pro has a powerful antiseptic action, it doesn’t require any rinsing and degrades rapidly, ensuring there’s no long lasting damage to the environment. This means that the product will reduce the chance of infection on sports surfaces and help you to rejuvenate your outside space, all without causing any harm to your plants or to guests.

Ease of use

AlgoClear Pro is incredibly easy to use. It can be applied to surfaces as a spray, used with a watering can or as an additive in a water pressure washing machine. Simply apply the product to a dry surface and your moss, mould or algae will disappear.

Learn more about the impressive properties of AlgoClear Pro by exploring our site or contacting a member of our expert team.

“As Contractors first, we are always looking for a chemical we can rely on. The quality of product and concentrated nature of AlgoClear Pro has meant far less problems than we’ve ever encountered before with return visits due to moss, mould and algae not being sufficiently removed. Due to its highly concentrated nature there’s far less packaging; we only ever use and sell products that are safe, that have been vigorously tested and that we believe in. – I can highly recommend AlgoClear Pro”  – Rob Norton Director, Artificial Grass (Cambridge) Ltd.

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