Combining artificial grass and real plants

If there’s one thing the British are famous for – aside from our obsession with the weather, that is – it’s our love of gardens. Whether they’re the size of a postage stamp or extend as far as the eye can see, we love our outdoor spaces. In general, buyers see a garden as desirable when hunting for a new home. As This Is Money says, “it’s safe to assume that for most buyers, a house with a garden is more attractive than one without.” However, a garden that looks like it’s going to be high maintenance can actually turn a positive into a negative, especially if prospective buyers aren’t green fingered.

As well as adding value to your property, a low maintenance garden can make your home a more pleasant place to be. Having use of a beautifully designed outside space, (but not having to spend every weekend mowing, pruning or weeding) will give you the opportunity to really enjoy your property, especially in the all too fleeting British summer.

Creating a low maintenance garden

One of the easiest and most effective ways to create a stylish, low maintenance garden is to replace your lawn with artificial grass. Requiring virtually no looking after, artificial grass gives your outside space a hit of bold, bright colour throughout the year. Perfect for gardens of all shapes and sizes, it’s the perfect alternative to temperamental natural grass.

Adding real plants to the space

Artificial grass with flowers

Although artificial grass will add a huge amount of colour to your garden, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh flowers on a spring day, so why not add a few real plants to the space as well? When installing your artificial grass, you could leave a flowerbed running down the side of your garden and plant a few low maintenance shrubs and perennials in this area. Alternatively, you could invest in a few eye-catching containers and plant them up with colourful blooms to enjoy in the summer months.

The benefits of combining artificial grass with real plants

Combining artificial grass with real plants gives you the best of both worlds. Although your garden will be low maintenance and easy to care for, you’ll still get the scent of those fresh flowers and be able to admire the colourful blooms as they burst into life in the spring months. What’s more, your real plants will provide a valuable habitat for insects, bees and other creatures, turning your garden into a real haven for wildlife.

If you want to ensure that these living additions to the space don’t cause you too much extra work, buy plants that don’t need too much pruning or watering. Succulents and hardy plants like rosemary and lavender work very well in low maintenance gardens.

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