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Britain’s best lawn revealed

Whether you’re a keen gardener or just an admirer of perfectly manicured lawn, you’ll know there are few things better than a really good lawn. Green, lush, and inviting, these fantastic areas are the ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon in the fresh air.

However, creating and maintaining a pristine lawn takes a huge amount of time, time that many people simply don’t have. Mowing, aerating, seeding, watering, and weeding can take hours every week, with even a few days off causing your lawn to dip below standard. If you want your lawn to look perfect but don’t have the hours to keep it in tip top condition, an artificial alternative could be the solution. Bright, attractive and easy to maintain, artificial lawns can help even the most time-poor gardeners achieve a fantastic finish.

Britain’s Best Lawn

In 2017, the much sought-after title of Britain’s Best Lawn was awarded to Stuart Grindle of Tickhill, Doncaster. The retired joiner has devoted all of his spare time to his lawn for more than four decades, working relentlessly to ensure perfection. According to House Beautiful, Mr Grindle admits to spending, “Around 30 hours a week tending to his garden and he cuts the grass twice daily every other day to maintain a precise height of 5mm.” This adds up to an impressive six mowing sessions a week, and is one of the main reasons the lawn scooped the award.

As well as regularly mowing his lawn, Stuart Grindle also puts new seeds down twice a year, scarifies the lawn three or four times a year to remove thatch and debris, and uses a specialist machine to aerate the grass. With so much work going into the lawn, it’s no surprise that Mr Grindle doesn’t let anyone walk on the grass, not even his family.

How to achieve a fantastic lawn without the labour

Circular artifical grassIt’s impossible not to be impressed by Stuart Grindle’s dedication and hard work. However, it’s fair to say that most people don’t have the time, or the inclination, to spend 30 hours a week looking after their lawn. If you’re one of the many people who want a perfect lawnwithout the hard work, artificial grass could be the answer. Requiring no mowing or watering and only minimal maintenance, an artificial lawn could help you to create the garden you’ve always wanted.

If you hire professionals to do the work, installing artificial grass in your garden could be easier than you think. They’ll take care of the hard work and ensure the surface is properly fitted, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your newly renovated garden.

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