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Artificial Grass as an alternative to a patio

A patio area can be a real asset to a garden. Giving you a space you can use throughout the year without fear of mud, dirt or wear and tear, these hard-landscaped spaces are perfect for homeowners who want a stylish and practical garden. Incredibly popular in many parts of the UK, patios are used for BBQs, al fresco dining, playing and all sorts of outdoor activities.

However, although patios are practical they’re not always very attractive. As @RealHomes says, “Replacing a large lawn in the garden of a suburban semi with a sea of gravel is rather boring, and impractical for families with children.” A great alternative to stone, gravel or decking is artificial grass. Eye-catching and stylish, it will brighten up your outside space and give you a usable area you can enjoy all year round.


cat on grassAny surface you install in your garden is going to need a little maintenance every now and then. Stone and gravel often require weeding and moss removal, while wooden decking needs to be treated on a regular basis to keep it in good condition. Although artificial grass is very easy to look after, it will still need a little maintenance to ensure it looks great and lasts for years. You’ll need to remove debris on a fairly regular basis and occasionally your artificial surface may need a bit of professional rejuvenation. However, as artificial grass is made using materials designed specifically for outdoor life, your artificial surface will look great and perform perfectly for years to come.


Replace your stone, wood or gravel patio with artificial grass and you’ll give your garden an immediate hit of colour. Bright, bold and very attractive, artificial grass will give your garden the look of a natural lawn without the maintenance. If you feel your existing patio is a little dull, or if you’re looking for a more vibrant alternative to wood, stone or gravel, artificial grass could be the perfect alternative.


The work involved in installing your new artificial grass lawn will depend on the condition and the surface of your existing outside space. If you already have decking or a stone patio, we’ll need to lay a 10mm shock pad to even out any undulations and create a smooth surface for the installation. Further work may be required if your current surface is broken or if it drains poorly. If you currently have lawn or clear ground, we’ll need to level it out and install the necessary underlay before fixing your artificial grass surface in place.

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