For those that are looking for something a little bit different.

– Pile Height: 50mm
– UV Stabilisation:  > 10 years in Europe
– Fibre Shape: Straight & Curled
– Product Weight per Sqm: 3570 gms
– Colour (s): 3 x Green/1 x Beige
– Ideal for children & families for a longer, softer meadow feel. Perfect for a golf green ‘rough’ area.
– Suitable for front/back gardens, nurseries, schools, play areas,  balconies & roof terraces.

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grantchester artificial grass

Product Specification

- Pile Height: 48mm
- UV Stabilisation: > 10 years in Europe
- Fibre Shape: Straight & Curled
- Fibre Weight/dtex: PE Monofilament 15,400 dtex
- Yarn Weight: 2,505 gram/sqm
- Colour (s): 3 x Green/1 x Beige
- No of stitches/10cm2: 14


- Primary Backing: 100% Woven Polyprop
- Secondary Backing: ‘UltraBak’ SBR Latex
- Backing Weight: 1065 gram/sqm
- Total Product weight/sqm: 3570 gram/sqm

Yarnn A - Straight Pile

- Yarn Polymer: Pro-Tech Yarn Technology

Yarnn B - Thatch Pile

- Yarn Polymer: Elite Grade Polyyethylene

General Detail

- Total Thickness: 50mm
- Roll Length: Minimum 25m
- Roll Width: Minimum 4m
- Country of manufacture: UK

Quality & Tests

- FIFA Requirements: None
- Turf Bind: >3kg Newton
- Water permeability: 60 litre/min/sqm
- Colour Fastness: According to CEN standards

Installation & Maintenance

- Infill: Yes
- Tape: Yes 30cm wide
- Sand: Kiln Dried
- Rubber: N/A
- Glue: Envirostik® artificial grass glue
- Experience: Please use experienced installers to install this product.
- Maintenance: Artificial grass is a low maintenance product compared to natural turf. Excess debris and pet excrement needs to be removed.


Base work per Sqm £45.00 plus VAT


Per Sqm £75.00 plus VAT

See pricing page for full details


Grass per Sqm £30.00 plus VAT