Get ready for spring with AlgoClear Pro

Thanks to the cold, dark days, endless rain and plunging temperatures, January and February aren’t the best months to be outside. Fewer people use outdoor sports facilities, school children avoid the playground and most homeowners shut the door to the garden until spring rolls around again.

For those with artificial surfaces, the winter is never dull. Thanks to their durability and resilience, artificial surfaces make outdoor spaces usable even in poor weather conditions. When the spring sun does finally shine through, artificial grass, macadam, acrylic or polymer rubber artificial surfaces will be ready for action within moments.

In order to keep your artificial surface in good condition, you need to give it a little TLC, especially at this chilly time of year. As @SFM_Magazine says:

“The reality is that every product requires care and upkeep in order to extend its life, optimize its performance and keep it working properly. Synthetic sports turf is no exception.”

This is where AlgoClear Pro comes in. An incredibly powerful and highly effective moss, mould and algae killer, it’s the perfect treatment for your hard working artificial surface.


The dangers of moss, mould and algae

During the winter months, standing water and cold temperatures can easily lead to the growth of mould, moss or algae on your artificial surface. If left untreated, this growth can cause serious problems and even leave your artificial surface unusable. Mould and algae can discolour your surface and cause it to become slippery, while moss growth can cause some artificial materials to crack and become brittle over time. Removing moss, mould and algae as quickly and as thoroughly as possible will help you to protect your outside space and ensure it looks always looks great.

AlgoClear Pro

The easiest and most effective way of removing these kinds of growth from your artificial surface is to use AlgoClear Pro. A concentrated moss, mould and algae killer, AlgoClear has been specially formulated for use on manmade materials. Unlike some other products on the market, AlgoClear Pro won’t discolour or damage your artificial surface in any way, leaving it clean, clear and ready to use.

Use AlgoClear to remove moss, mould and algae from your patio, tennis court, driveway, football pitch or any other surface that needs it. As the product contains no bleach or acids, it doesn’t require rinsing. You won’t need to use a pressure washer either. Instead, simply apply the product to a dry surface and your growth will disappear.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of AlgoPro Clear, or if you’re interested in our artificial surfaces, get in touch with a member of our team today or take a look around our site.

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