Creating a dog friendly garden with artificial grass

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know just how much damage an energetic dog can do to a garden. One of the main complaints we hear involves dogs digging up the lawn, getting muddy and then bringing the mud into the house. Bad news for your garden and not great for your freshly cleaned floor; this is a real problem for dog lovers across the country, especially those who want to let their pets have fun in the garden but who don’t want the hassle of having to wash muddy paws throughout the day.

Creating a pet friendly garden with synthetic grass

The problem

With two large poodles living in her home, our client’s back garden quickly turned into a quagmire in poor weather. When the dogs were let out into the garden to exercise and play, they would quickly become covered in mud. It would then take the owner a lot of time to get them clean enough to come back into the house. Not only did this cause a problem with the dogs, it also left the garden looking messy, dirty and disorganised. So much so, that the pet owner rarely used the space for anything other than exercising the dogs.

Transforming the garden

In this case, the pet owner felt the best solution would be to give the garden a complete overhaul. By getting rid of the mud and grass and replacing it with bright, clean artificial grass, the pet owner would finally be able to enjoy the space while still allowing her dogs to run around and exercise in the garden.

To this end, we spent two days clearing the garden of mud and lawn, before laying our hardwearing ‘Kings’ grass on the surface. This completely transformed the space, leaving it looking clean, tidy and well-cared for in all weathers. The pet owner was so happy with the result, they’ve gone on to recommend artificial grass to a number of other local dog owners.

Artificial grass and dogs

As artificial grass is tough and durable, dogs won’t be able to dig it up, get it muddy or otherwise damage the look of the lawn. If dogs are being let out into an enclosed garden to go to the toilet, we also supply a product called ‘Pet Wee Away’, which neutralises the odour of ammonia. However, if your garden is open and well ventilated, you probably won’t need to spray as the smell will disappear naturally.

If you’re currently battling against a doggy garden, or if your pooches love nothing better than digging for bones in the mud, artificial grass could be the perfect solution. To find out more, contact a member of our team today.

Artificial grass

Like many families in the UK life can become busy with work, school runs, family activities and hobbies. When the weekend comes around we want to enjoy our free time rather than be maintaining our gardens. Whether you like to just relax, run about or play with your pets in your garden an even lawn is an important feature. If you’re a parent or pet owner, you’ll know that children and animals don’t mix well with pristine lawns. The wear and tear that they cause can easily make your grass yellow and patchy and unusable. Trampolines and play equipment can leave areas shadowed eventually killing off the grass in large patches.

Wicker patio set on artificial grass

Transforming the garden

With a patchy lawn that was leaving holes across the garden, Queens artificial grass was an ideal solution for this family garden. Once the existing grass was removed a consolidated base was installed for perfect drainage. Once completed, the garden is ready for use all year round.

With very little maintenance needed time can be spent enjoying the outside space.

Artificial Grass & families

If you’re the sort of person who likes to use their garden to host summer BBQs and other social events, but who doesn’t really like maintaining it, tough and durable artificial grass is definitely the right choice for you. Enjoy watching the family have fun in the fresh air without the aftermath of a patchy, worn lawn!

Young children can benefit from an extra playroom outside with a clean environment to play and discover the outdoors.

Older children can play sports without sliding in mud patches in front of a goal and ruining the lawn.

As artificial grass doesn’t need sunlight to make it look green and fresh, it’s the perfect choice for homes that don’t sit in sunlight throughout the day. Whether your garden gets ten minutes or ten hours of sunshine, your lawn will continue to look good all year round and for years to come. Previously unused corners can be transformed into play areas or seating areas.

Artificial grass can also help the 10 million Brits who suffer from symptoms of hay fever each year. Around 95% of sufferers are allergic to grass pollen so an artificial alternative can help alleviate allergies and let you enjoy being outside in the fresh air without suffering from the symptoms of hayfever.

Artificial grass table and chairs

As we enter retirement age we often find that jobs around the garden that were once pleasurable become difficult to manage. Without regular maintenance lawns, patios and decking can become patchy, slippery or uneven.

Artificial grass, paving slabs and gravel

Although tending flower beds and pots can still bring pleasure, mowing or weeding a lawn can be a physically daunting task. With the damp UK weather, patio slabs can become a slippery hazard, and this can deter the elderly from enjoying their outdoor space.

Gardens with large over hanging trees can cause a dark, damp environment. Existing slabs can become covered in moss and algae making walking treacherous. With physical challenges to face, replacing uneven slabs with artificial grass is a safer, maintenance free way forward.

Decking can also be hazardous when wet and over the winter months can become covered in algae. By covering with a underlay and artificial grass, a previously dangerous area can become a vibrant, lush lawn area.

Often slabs can become lose and rocky. While on site installing artificial grass many uneven slabs can be repaired using a full mortar base.

Artificial Grass & the elderly

Natural gardens require a large amount of maintenance, from weeding to feeding and cutting and edging lawns. However, it is not only the aesthetic aspect of a garden that can be affected if the garden becomes neglected. Pathways can become slippery or loose and uneven. Decking if not properly treated annually can become incredibly dangerous underfoot in the wet months.

The maintenance on an artificial lawn is minimal. If your garden or neighbours’ gardens contain deciduous trees, leaves must be brushed off to prevent a build-up. This can be done with either a stiff brush or a leaf blower. Animal faeces can easily be removed and wiped clean. For a lush, green maintenance free lawn all year round heard-wearing, our UK made, UV protected artificial grass is definitely the answer.

Artificial Grass Cambridge not only replace existing lawns with artificial grass but also cover decking areas, remove or mend patio areas and can also insert new pathways /ramps into a garden to make them more accessible.

Artificial grass for commercial property

Modern living means making the most of our outdoor space. Space is at a premium in cities and new build properties have notoriously small gardens. With garages nowadays being utilised as extra storage for bicycles and outdoor pursuits many homes don’t have room for the equipment needed to maintain a garden. With apartment living rising in popularity rooftop gardens are an ideal way for an urban gardener to expand their space.

Holiday home with artificial grass

Use all of your space wisely

For roof terraces: It is important to ascertain what is already on your roof. Asphalt is often the material used as it creates a waterproof barrier for the property. Removing the asphalt is often not an option so a shock pad is laid under the artificial grass to minimise any lumps and bumps made by the asphalt and give the grass a very soft feel underfoot. Another important benefit of using artificial grass in your roof garden design is that it’s very low maintenance. Once installed, your lawn won’t require watering or mowing. This makes artificial grass the ideal choice for a low maintenance, big impact roof garden and gives you the perfect opportunity to create a stunning space you can enjoy all year round.

Balcony Areas: Often flats and apartments have balconies that are barely used. By adding artificial grass, a play area can be made leading directly out from the main living rooms providing an extra ‘play room’ for children.

Sides of houses: The areas running down the sides of properties often sit in the shade stopping grass from growing. They are often filled with pea gravel and remain an unused area for bins. By installing artificial grass an unused area can become a children’s play area allowing outdoor play in a clean environment all year round.

New build gardens can sometimes leave a lot to be desired with rubble and site waste being flattened under cheap natural turf. With natural turf not growing artificial grass is a wonderful option to obtain a lush, maintenance free lawn. Without the need for a shed to store mowers, seating areas can be built to really make the most of the space.

Patios laid in new build properties can often be too small to accommodate a table and chairs. Extending the patio and laying artificial grass can often be a cost-effective way of making the most of your garden for summer BBQs and socialising.

Adding a splash of colour to a small space can completely change the aesthetic of your garden. With beautiful stone work and foliage, a brown patchy lawn can ruin the overall look of your garden. Even if your garden is a small courtyard, an artificial grass lawn adds colour and gives a traditional look that doesn’t need year-round sunshine.  

If you have a small garden, removing a patchy overgrown lawn and replacing with artificial grass adds a sense of space. Getting rid of a garden shed can add space as mowers and rakes are no longer needed.