Case Study: Family home transformation

Looking after a traditional garden takes time. From mowing the lawn and watering the flowers to weeding the patio and filling in holes dug by the dog, keeping a garden in good condition can feel like a full time job. However, with more and more people commuting long distances to work and modern life busier than ever, few of us have the time, or the energy, to give our gardens the attention they need.

This was the situation one of our most recent clients found themselves in. Unable to maintain their outside space, it was becoming unusable, preventing their children from playing in the garden and damaging the value of the property. To help this hard working family achieve the garden they deserved, we used our extensive expertise to create a low-maintenance, high impact space that could be enjoyed throughout the year. Here’s how we did it.

The Challenge

Like many people in the UK, the owners of this beautiful home in St Neots live busy lives, with work, school runs, family activities etc to keep them occupied, almost every hour of the day. As a result, they found it difficult to find the time to look after their garden. Fed up with being unable to use their outside space for much of the year, the family decided to replace their existing lawn with an artificial surface. They wanted an area they could use, come rain or shine, and didn’t want to have to mow, water or weed the lawn.


As the entire garden was on a slope and suffered from pre-existing drainage problems, we needed to do a little bit of work to prepare the area. To ensure rain water wouldn’t be an issue in the future, we installed a soak away. This will help to remove water from the area and keep the new lawn dry and in good condition. The family wanted a soft, natural look for their new lawn and so chose our ‘Kings’ product. We installed this high quality artificial grass over a large area, shaping it to fit around the existing patio which the family wanted to keep.


From start to finish, the job took just three days to complete. Both the husband and wife were extremely pleased with the result, though it was the children who were most excited by the artificial grass as it’s given them the opportunity to play outside all year round.

As What Investment says, “a nice, well-kept garden can add 20% to the value of your home. The easier it looks to maintain also contributes to the desirability”. This makes an artificial lawn the perfect choice for both the usability and the value of your home, improving your quality of life and the health of your finances in one go.

To find out more about the work we do, or to discuss a project of your own, contact a member of our expert team. Who will be happy to guide you in securing that perfect lawn.