Case study: Creating a dog proof garden

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know just how much damage an energetic dog can do to a garden. One of the main complaints we hear involves dogs digging up the lawn, getting muddy and then bringing the mud into the house. Bad news for your garden and not great for your freshly cleaned floor; this is a real problem for dog lovers across the country, especially those who want to let their pets have fun in the garden but who don’t want the hassle of having to wash muddy paws throughout the day.

Though, like the RSPCA says, “It’s important to remember that they don’t do this in spite or to deliberately destroy the garden.” Most pet owners are still keen to find a solution to the issue. In fact, we were recently contacted by a local dog owner who was looking for a way to solve the problem once and for all.

The problem

With two large poodles living in her home, our client’s back garden quickly turned into a quagmire in poor weather. When the dogs were let out into the garden to exercise and play, they would quickly become covered in mud. It would then take the owner a lot of time to get them clean enough to come back into the house. Not only did this cause a problem with the dogs, it also left the garden looking messy, dirty and disorganised. So much so, that the pet owner rarely used the space for anything other than exercising the dogs.

Transforming the garden

In this case, the pet owner felt the best solution would be to give the garden a complete overhaul. By getting rid of the mud and grass and replacing it with bright, clean artificial grass, the pet owner would finally be able to enjoy the space while still allowing her dogs to run around and exercise in the garden.

To this end, we spent two days clearing the garden of mud and lawn, before laying our hardwearing ‘Kings’ grass on the surface. This completely transformed the space, leaving it looking clean, tidy and well-cared for in all weathers. The pet owner was so happy with the result, they’ve gone on to recommend artificial grass to a number of other local dog owners.

Artificial grass and dogs

As artificial grass is tough and durable, dogs won’t be able to dig it up, get it muddy or otherwise damage the look of the lawn. If dogs are being let out into an enclosed garden to go to the toilet, we also supply a product called  ‘Pet Wee Away’, which neutralises the odour of ammonia. However, if your garden is open and well ventilated, you probably won’t need to spray as the smell will disappear naturally.

If you’re currently battling against a doggy garden, or if your pooches love nothing better than digging for bones in the mud, artificial grass could be the perfect solution. To find out more, contact a member of our team today.