Case study: Trumpington Meadows, Balcony

Many modern houses lack out door space, especially those built within urban areas. Gardens can sometimes seem like an afterthought so roof terraces and balconies are often used as additional outdoor ‘rooms’.

The Challenge:

A family based at Trumpington Meadows were keen to use all of their outdoor space for their expanding family. Their sizable outdoor balcony leading out from the sitting room was previously covered in decking, which although in good condition, wasn’t soft enough for crawling children.

The Process:

A spiral staircase was the first obstacle to overcome, so exact measurements were taken and the grass cut off site before being carried through the house to the balcony. The existing decking was cleared of debris using a leaf blower and the grass laid directly onto the decking. The customer chose Kings artificial grass due to its hard-wearing nature yet soft texture. The grass was then nailed around the perimeter then dressed with Garside 2EW kiln dried sand and brushed ready for immediate use.

The Result:

As the house was on four stories the children could now play ‘out doors’ yet remain supervised from the sitting room. Decorated with a modern sign, the area can now be used by the whole family for adult entertaining and outdoor play.