We offer a full range of services for running tracks / athletic tracks and ancillary areas including;
running track/athletics track cleaning, chemical treatment, re-lining, re-surfacing and repairs.
For further details see services polymeric rubber.

Athletic tracks including long jump, triple jumps and javelin areas use a porous base of rubber granules in a two-part polyurethane resin. over time these can become very contaminated leading to trip and slip hazards.

Running Track Cleaning / Athletics track cleaning

Using our unique track cleaning system we are able to remove ground-in debris, moss, mould and algae from the surface by jetting water in then vacuuming detritus out. The system leaves the track clean and clear and ready for the season. Track cleaning on an 8 lane track normally takes 3-4 days

Running Track Chemical Treatment

The entire running track/athletics track is sprayed with a moss, mould and algae killer and the perimeter is sprayed with a weed killer.

Running Track Re-lining

We offer a full and comprehensive re-lining surface for running tracks using two pack polyurethane paints to ensure a long lasting, high quality finish.

Running Track Repairs

Please contact us regarding your specific requirement.

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